Infinity's Kitchen is a print publication, web site, and performance series devoted to innovative forms of literature, made from new recipes, with compelling ingredients.

Infinity's Kitchen № 11

An exploration of very short performances. For fiction writers, very short forms are called “microfiction”, or “nano-fiction.” For many of the works collected here, online, and in our Late Show reading series, the performance is also microscopic. The possibilities seem endless, but brief.

Online Features
The Death and Life of Desmond Wolfe Brett Williams and Desmond Wolfe
The Bench Morgan Lee McDonald
When You Say You're a Swimmer Chris Shimojima
Migration (Belarus) John Ketchum
Late Chong Yuen Ping
Last Supper Performance Jennifer Hartley
Black Hole Phil Sansom and Olly Williams

Infinity's Kitchen № 10

The tenth issue of Infinity's Kitchen was published on the publication's tenth anniversary, so although the publication isn't exactly annual, it was the tenth of its kind on the tenth year of those kinds.

Online Features
U$AAR s4ra
Roadrage Atbash Volodymyr Bilyk
One Sixteen Thirty-Eight Alex Checkovich
from the series, A Lather of Letters Nico Vassilakis

Infinity's Kitchen № 09

The ninth issue of Infinity's Kitchen was designed in an actual kitchen. Much of its inspiration came from cookbooks, and its contributors were encouraged to consider the "recipe" of their work, the ingredients, the process required to make the good stuff.

Online Features
Roasted New Potatoes and Arugula Salad Jenny Wong
Dal Masoor Jenny Wong
Kid Art Soldiers Take to the Rubbled Streets Gregg Williard
Dreamers Jonathan James
French Toast Sid Church
Found-Word Collages J.I. Kleinberg
Phantom Agents Will Luers
Suppertime Carl 'Papa' Palmer
Adrian Piper John J Trause
txt Ana Jovanovska
Sketch of an Angry Man Holly Day
Is This The Recipe You're Using? Juleigh Howard-Hobson
Deictic Dialectics
Becoming Clyde Matthew Laffrade
Able Was I Ere I Saw Elba. Michael Demers

Infinity's Kitchen № 08

The eighth issue of Ininfity's Kitchen, the "awkward geohyrophilia edition" is a bridge of sorts. Some of the contributors to the print edition also have work that appears online and a couple of them have even performed their work at the Infinity's Kitchen Late Show. Even so, there are some unique and interesting works that you can only find in the printed edition. We hope you'll enjoy it.

Online Features
Joan the Battalioner Volodymyr Bilyk
Champion of My Heart Michael Tager
When One Hundred Million Million Poems Just Isn't Enough Chris Joseph
us patrick moser
Crone Print 1 Kate R Morris
Telemaque Sandrine Deumier
YADDP EP Nathanael L Jones
A Sonnet from 555 John D Lowther
Process Mundane Felicity M Fenton
Kandy LK9 Sandrine Deumier

Infinity's Kitchen № 07

The seventh issue of Infinity’s Kitchen contains visual poetry, constrained writing, essays, mail art, and more: all from 18 international contributors: Abinadi Meza, Bruno Neiva, Christopher Shipman, Danni Wilson, Francesco Aprile, Gunnar Jaeck, JL Bogenschneider, Joachim Frank, Justin Sirois, Kevin Halleran, Kevin Logan, Michael R. Griffiths, Osvaldo Cibils, Patrick Warner, Rehan Qayoom, Susana H. Case, Timothy Juhl, and Tom Konyves.

Online Features
Star Spangz Miatta Kawinzi
The Unspoken Words Luigia Cardarelli
Confound Acts Katina Bitsicas
Amiri Baraka A to Z Andrew Demirjian
The Seven Wonders Alan Bigelow
Arlington Michael Woody
from the “Mannequin Camera” series Caity Fares
8 Bit Balloons with Contact Mics and Drums Sex Detectives Duh!
Bouquets bruno neiva
ElectroCaustic Trio + Visual_Projects ElectroCaustic Trio
Impossibilism in Motion Robert Herdlein
Metaphysique D’ Ephemera: A Play of Memory and Despair Inspired by Joseph Cornell Christopher Shipman
Bess Joshua Zerangue
Variation on Zero (Song #5) Wilson Butterworth
Friday Nights Fish Baked Potato Liat Berdugo
Jun as Zen Chre Vo More from Lo Volodymyr Bilyk
Inside I Catherine Siller
Webcam video from June 5, 2013 10:38 AM Osvaldo Cibils
It’s Like That Alana Knapp
Yogart Nanette Avery
Ancient Baby Holly Simonsen
Glass Houses Kalliope Amorphous
Spine Sonnet Jody Zellen
Ghost Station Abinadi Meza

Infinity's Kitchen № 06

The sixth issue of Infinity's Kitchen contains poetry, short fiction, constrained writing, antonymic poetry, visual  poetry, an essay about word squares and a poem composed of redacted hip hop  lyrics: all from 13 international contributors in print and 26 international  contributors online.

Online Features
Infectious 2009 Henry Gwiazda
Sonnet LV Emilio Bassail
Skin-deep Screens Maja Delak (movement, texts, laptop), Matija Ferlin (movement, texts), Luka Princic (laptop, video, programing), Maja Smrekar (video, lights)
Memory Tore Terrasi
Erratic Thoughts on an Art Form Nobody Cares About Unless Natalie Portman is Making Out With a Girl Katharine Morales
unwriting. Winn Deburlo
Unknown Family Joel Chace
Rimnents (on cudi, but not y) Tom Sheehan
Poem #_ Tore Terrasi
Abstract scene – Television Lance Nizami
“Don’t Blink”: A Cento Michael Leong
Entymological and Chance Operations Poems Seth Newmeyer
Absurdity Happens Kaitlynn Alexis Ann Lane
Micro-Climates Billy Cancel
Loneliest Thrill Parisa Vaziri
Ty Uchaf Charlotte Howarth
An Alphabet For Jeffrey Vincent Edric Mesmer
Sonnet for da Badman Nathan Thompson
Physiological Arrogance Erica ESH Henry
journalism is deader than poetry Jamie Hunyor
Google It Alexander Scally
Gossamer Lid Andrew Brenza
Ezra Poundamonium’s Circus of the Expatriate Theresa Williams
Batshit Gary Heidt
At the Musarium (4) Peter J. Grieco

Infinity's Kitchen № 05

Weighing in at more than 100 pages, this is the largest edition of Infinity’s Kitchen ever. It includes constrained writing, antonymic poetry, a hypertext cento poem, visual poetry, algorithmically generated poetry, socially generated poetry, literary criticism, prose in russian doll form and even an apocalyptic press release, all from 15 international contributors.

Online Features
Anno Domino Joel Allegretti
Nobody Has Liked This Comment Yet Peter Mattei
Spooked Esther Greenleaf Murer
Live Poem Dave Shaw
Enter Key Davis Schneiderman
Always Lavanya Kannathass
Don’t Say Nothing Satnrose
Headlines Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
Heads or Tails? Barr Bielinski
Pennies Kristin N. Mcwharter
All in Time Sarah Boothroyd

Infinity's Kitchen № 04

The fourth issue of Infinity's Kitchen is about silence: overlooked wishes and people, forgotten music, fading ink. Writing is the best way to discuss silence. Along the way, as usual, we're trying some different recipes for the way words are written on the page, because it can't be done out loud.

Online Features
All-Purpose Recipe for Dissertations Ed Zahniser
Killing Time Jacob Russell
In the Shade of the Allan Gardens Greenhouse Mike Sauve
Heads or Tails? Barr Bielinski
Hey Brian Baumgart
Pennies Kristin N. Mcwharter
Cord Phil Davis

Infinity's Kitchen № 03

We’ve included a paper boat inside the printed publication. Assuming that all the folds are in all the right places, you should actually be able to float this boat, at the park or in your bathtub, and I hope you will. I hope you’ll first take the opportunity to unfold the boat and read Hao Cheng’s delightful story, “Paper Boats”. I also hope you’ll try to fold the boat yourself, because it’s fun!


Infinity's Kitchen № 02

With the second issue of Infinity’s Kitchen, we’re experimenting with ideas that we borrowed from concrete poetry. Concrete poetry, or visual poetry, is written so that the arrangement of the words on the page is important. It’s a great way to add some flavor to the poetry.

Online Features
Zombies Cameron Scorza
Building Blocks Phil Davis

Infinity's Kitchen № 01

The first issue of Infinity's Kitchen considers that sometimes, there’s nothing to understand. For example: the story with no moral; the image with no picture, or even the picture that’s merely a picture; just plain music. Understanding isn’t everything. Art is not science.

Online Features


Infinity's Kitchen teamed up with Ink Press Productions to create two things: an amazing book; and a breakthrough digital publication. It includes contributions from more than 60 artists. Each copy is a one-of-a-kind piece of a limited edition multiple.


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