Felicity M Fenton

Process Mundane

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Process Mundane is an ongoing series of emails designed to help those who face daily drudgery take a more microscopic look at their drudge. Gleaning inspiration from self help evangelism, Allan Kaprow and Alan Watts, Process Mundane takes a deeper look into the roots of monotonous tasks, evaluates each task, and offers people alternative ways of performing each task. The end goal for “Process Mundane” is to give a sense of play, experimentation and creativity to the particularly lackluster moments most people tend to forget about.

Native to both Colorado and Brooklyn, Felicity Fenton has presented her multidisciplinary work in a number of public and private spaces around the globe. She is a RACC grant recipient, was key artist in residence at the Washington County Arts Council in Washington, PA and her collaborative project - Soul Recovery Systems - was nominated for a 2013 Index Design Award - Design to Improve Life. She received her MFA in interdisciplinary arts from Vermont’s Goddard College. She lives in Portland, Oregon. Her work can be seen on felicityfenton.com

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