Alexander Scally

Google It

How to tie a tie
How to hard boil eggs
How to boil an egg
How to tie a bow tie
You are my sunshine
You are so beautiful
You are so beautiful

It was a dark and stormy night
It was a good day
It was a good day

It was written
My thoughts are not your thoughts
My thoughts are with you
My thoughts be bloody
That day will come
That day is done
That day…uh…lyrics?

I want to draw a cat for you
I want you to want me
I want you back
It want it that way
Justin Timberlake movies, twitter, songs!

This was a triumph
This was Jethro Tull
This was their finest hour
This was a triumph

Lyrics to “Call Me Maybe”
Lyrics to “We Are Young”
Lyrics to Mercy
Have mercy on these lyrics
Let’s have fun tonight
Let’s have fun in Spanish
Let’s have fun tonight
Romance on a rocket ship

I searched Google on Google
I searched Google for you
I Google search engine
And here’s to you
And here’s the kicker
And here’s where I’d put
The next linear collider
The next in line effect

But now you’re in my way
But now that dream is gone from me
But now what to wear

This is the end lyrics
This is the end, The Doors
Are closed end funds safe
Are closed pistachios poisonous?

It is over
It is over poem
This poem is over my head
This poem is over the moon
This poem is over

“Google It” is a poetic exploration of the ‘auto-suggestion’ function of the Google search engine, composed partly of phrases that result when entering key phrases such as “how to”, “I want”, “This is” and so on.

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