Don’t Say Nothing

here just shall there’s the us you twice forsaken I the us you are and maybe her not fear still baby, for maybe you won’t take leave you be you baking me the kill at long last love make last the cruel quaking or December earth but shall season seems you baby to as time won’t come and remember: always but for I we’ll you making here maybe make out for to save say for what I if the you here give you’ll in sun light absolutely us for now December I will where break you one so you as words make The Maybe come wake kiss bread maybe forget just leave sun gone forget you asking cruel maybe you love anyway tomorrow say you just say taking left we’re gonna go tonight get it see see nicely don’t say maybe just don’t say nothing 17 baby, out

This text is written in a style that the author calls “tropism”.

This text is written in a style that the author calls “tropism”.

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