Edric Mesmer

An Alphabet For Jeffrey Vincent


is for


a raw map
a stone’s throw

a caption o my caption
and notional

caption, notational
caption, anno-

tation and caption domini—
caption within caption closed

caption encap-

…Glenn Close caption…

Glenn Close then saying, in captions—

in the words of Joe Brainard, “Remember

/ I”



a bowl in a china shop…
peripherals unordered.

the trading of a calligraph
for cloverleaf, or

Adam for
the fig…

an age-laden curio—
the speeched feign

that captions deign—
one learnt to breathe in, even

here where
ambience was spewn


Miró yes
Miró no

yes-and-no and
yes-no Miró:

my heart is turned a palette mid
all fluence vocabularic—

who is the harlequin?
whom the proper conquistador?

from what pours.
the powderhorn is extricated, over-

shadowing shadowing—
no from know.

yes Miró
no Miró

“In fact, the opposite is tree—”
and lacking backformation,

Eros sore,

“An Alphabet For Jeffrey Vincent” takes its impetus from ekphrastic attempts to ”find a vocabulary to balance or “deal with” the recent paintings of Jeffrey Vincent, for ”inclusion in a limited edition artist’s book he’s at work on. Given that Jeff had already been at work on his own visual vocabulary, the author offered this alphabet in response.

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