Jamie Hunyor

journalism is deader than poetry

I was the first female rapist in Utah.
Poetry is dead, the newspaper declared
right underneath the article of my
indictment. Salt Lake is worst in the
country for air pollution. Pin that on
me too, why don’t you? I get
blamed for everything. Did you know
that it wasn’t Cain who murdered
Abel? It was me. There is a trilogy &
I am the last. The first and second died
before the birth of the first human being.
Come on, fuck me to track 3. I’ll even let
you blame your premature ejaculation
on me, too.

This poem is taken from searching different hash tags on twitter. The first line is from a popularly retweeted tweet from the #poetry hashtag. It is a play on an ignorant mother meaning to say rapper instead of racist. From there the author searched related hashtags and modified phrases from tweets that fit the theme of the poem.

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