Katina Bitsicas

Confound Acts

“On January 9, 2013 my childhood friend Stephen Harkness and two other men murdered and dismembered Daniel Delfin in Verona, Kentucky. Through the analysis of childhood memories as well as court evidence, I aim to gain clarity in these acts as well as relay the effects this type of event can have on the families involved, who in turn become victims themselves.”

Katina Bitsicas is a new media artist who utilizes video, photography, and performance in her art works. Her works explore the effects of crime, traumatic personal events, and architectural structures on the human psyche.

With this video, Katina Bitsicas contrasts the methods of documentary film and with experimental and metaphorical visuals. The story of a murder and dismemberment is told through court interviews and family interviews, and the visuals are the forest and natural scenes similar to those of the location where the body parts were found. The body and memory of the crime is represented by the cloth and the trash bags. So, this piece exists as a hybrid of documentary and experimental film. In the artist’s words:

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