Michael Leong

“Don’t Blink”: A Cento

for Justin

Accredited Bliss
Brokers’ Bliss
Goat Bliss
Irresponsible Bliss
Original Bliss
Swiss Bliss
Terminal Bliss
Wooded Bliss
Belles of Bliss
The Bliss of the Big City
The Bliss of the Insecure
The Geography of Bliss
The Psychology of Bliss
The Shelf Life of Bliss
Bliss Is in the Details
Finding Bliss in a Tub of Fizzy Water
Awash in a Sea of Bliss: Bathroom as Water Park
Not for Kids Only – Seeking Buccaneer Bliss
Searching for Bliss Beyond the Sonic Battleground
Bliss and Bigotry
Finding Bliss in a Brutal Beat
Design’s Mood Swings, From Bliss to Rage
Swing Time: Finding Bliss In a Batting Cage
Apartment Renovation Adds to Domestic Bliss
Bliss Can Be As Simple As an Empty Clothes Closet
The Key to Wedded Bliss?
Anti-Love Drug May Be Ticket to Bliss
Is This the Time To Follow Your Bliss?
Turning Midlife Crisis Into Bliss
Leave the Vacuuming (and Other Domestic Bliss) to Us
How a Wild Stray Cat Found Domestic Bliss
Thunder Gulch Officially Retires to a Life of Studded Bliss
Domestic Bliss in Animal Husbandry?
Route to Creativity: Following Bliss or Dots?
At Sarah Lawrence, ‘Follow Your Bliss’
Modern Love – When Bliss Is a Mutual Fund
If Ignorance Is Bliss, Why Are Stocks So Shaky?
If connubial bliss fades, family businesses can suffer
Can Bliss Survive the Fadeout?
From ‘Me’ to ‘We’: Searching for Bliss
When Ignorance Is Bliss, Love Is (of Course) Blind
Ignorance Is Bliss, My Vacuous Valentine
The Way We Live Now: 2-6-00; Incompetence Is Bliss
Among the Inept, Researchers Discover, Ignorance Is Bliss
Moves to Allow Cellphone Use May End Disconnected Bliss
Wedded Bliss Runs Amiss
Korea Nuptials Suffer a Bliss Crisis
Credit Crunch Puts Strain on London’s Connubial Bliss
Guru’s Land Deal Isn’t All Bliss
For Indian Politician, An Opulent Wedding Means Political Bliss
For Fans of Asian Films, Two Weeks of Brash Bliss
Prisoners Finding New Hope In the Art of Spiritual Bliss
‘Corporate Hippies’ Seek Their Bliss in a New Environmental Economy
Old Bliss, in a New Arrondissement
Seeking Bliss In Thailand
Finding Bliss in Bahia Bustamante
Finding Bliss In Avalanche Country
Treetop Bliss on Bali
Kentucky’s Spelunker Bliss
In Guatemala, Bliss by a Blue Lake
Bliss at Dawn On Brighton Beach
BLISSVILLE/LONG ISLAND CITY; Don’t Blink, Or You Might Miss the Bliss
Bliss From the South: A Chef’s Grand Legacy
Spring Hikes: First Blisters, Then the Bliss
Summers of Tapioca and Bliss
Thai Basil Bliss
Croissants and Buttery Bliss
Red Seeds, Red Juice: Such Sweet Bliss
American Food With a Side of Homey Bliss
Making a Blissful Life From Overfeeding
Clerkenwell’s Revival Is Bliss for Foodies
Where Wedded Bliss Begins With 3 Pastas
Wistfulness and Bliss On Labor Day Weekend
A New York Quest For Barbecue Bliss
Frenzied: What Summer Bliss
Moving From Carnal Bliss to Something Truly Divine
Old Pipes, Heavenly View: A Search for Musical Bliss
Impressionism in Its Hour of Sunlit Bliss
A Bliss Of Orchids Is Nigh
White Bordeaux – Oft-Forgotten Bliss
Cause for Worry: A Deep Drink of Bliss, With Confusion for a Chaser
Following Her Bliss Into a Blast of Jabs, Hooks and Crosses
His Bliss Is the Blues, and He Follows It
Chewing Their Way to an Ancient, Unsightly Bliss
Staring At Death, And Finding Their Bliss
Seeking Bliss Among the Honks and Hisses
Just a Short Drive to Weekend Bliss
Jill Bolte Taylor’s superhighway to bliss
Promoting a Vision of Tourist Bliss in Baghdad’s Dusty Rubble
On Domestic Front, Less Bliss for Obama
Dreaming of Bliss, Against a Backdrop of War
The Politics of Suicide, The Bliss of the Bomber
Yes, You Can Follow Your Bliss to Anytown, U.S.A.
Bliss in Bavaria and the ‘Queer Eye’ Stereotype
New Interactive TV Threatens the Bliss Of Couch Potatoes
For Chinese, Bliss Is Eternity in the Suburbs
Is This Bliss, or What?
A Vision of Suburban Bliss Edged With Irony

All of the 100 lines of this cento come from New York Times headlines. This piece was commissioned by the journalist Justin Nobel for a performance in Blissville, Queens on May 15, 2011.

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