Volodymyr Bilyk

Jun as Zen Chre Vo More from Lo

While so far
IN About You
For S
In O
In From
About On In
It Roux In
By From on
Pre Not Over

So somewhere
About in such
When On
From Nye
Not Su
Us over

When, when, when
By On
From Pere
On For You
What is this
C in SRI SRI in

With C
Is it
With no
There For
By on OK
In Ok
By not to
In Re

Even for C
No More T
Go In For
Yes Yes Here
By By
You Huo
And Volume For For
For Kovz

As for
S Pere Guy
Pok Ho Crewe
Plo cha
Over Under On
From Rose
In S In
Not on Rose
About In At In
As for Boo
From hectares CM
Crewe Ho CME
In For Those In
Bo Xie

All Roses
in on to a
to do things
to opposition
in most
from to with this
the village from behind
s in th at in
wat chu or ho
Co Jo at over
zdry in
on that same Country
is a co
buy chi yu
s still on the ne
c at c

s in for
by boo
by DRI
VSM of
s at
when to sleep
by the co for
RA over a
ta s
crystal curve over
by PA

All you have to or not
are evident on the flashing CO
so re
at all be
not under the car and
s not to
while still under
development is about
in the village for
from the village of

ing is more co
For ri
Ea is
Mo – w …
develop ne
by at
Pa you hu hli
In development
s up to you
then you are at
in a mo
to si op
Zvi September
ha and thyroid
by – R. ..

For over with with
These are the ones you su bli
In the village si con
to ro ve that all
at Kru – s …
for you pi ne le sli
Chi. And so on
By the wa o bli more
in the village with elastic in at
Cree in a into
By Ri on

Do not like to
and who?
by on vines
According to IS
development by half
to develop
on the development of
in the village and in those
According to not
Back in from
Based on in to
O O In

With no you
Let C and wat
Rev. pas s
You Shu In
In a blue cha with you
Pla in step
Those At Cha
Since Ko In to E Co
On May you
No C. These then by Cho
And About In F Rose
For Pra For You With
C in C Ce Rose
Not Cro Pa Si
And wat ru on about
in in in in
Ryu Te Te

A cut-up in thirteen parts, this poem was originally written in Ukrainian, as a tender love lyric in a futurist style. The poem was then given a “sonic translation” so that the English words sound like Ukrainian.

The poem was influenced by the aborted experiments of Yury Tarnawsky (who dropped this concept on the middle of his literary road) and develops techniques of Emma Andijewska (who incorporated them into the form of sonnet) which can be best described by Brion Gysin quote “Rub out the word”. “Rubbing” here lays mostly in sound while the meaning is merely a sketch of the common meaning - a mirage, some kind of confusion.


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