Infinity's Kitchen is a literary journal that serves works that result from new recipes, or from existing recipes that have been compellingly redefined.


Infinity's Kitchen teamed up with Ink Press Productions to create two things: an amazing book; and a breakthrough digital publication. It includes contributions from more than 60 artists. Each copy is a one-of-a-kind piece of a limited edition multiple.

Infinity's Kitchen № 8

The eighth issue of Ininfity's Kitchen, the "awkward geohyrophilia edition" is a bridge of sorts. Some of the contributors to the print edition also have work that appears online and a couple of them have even performed their work at the Infinity's Kitchen Late Show. Even so, there are some unique and interesting works that you can only find in the printed edition. We hope you'll enjoy it.

Online Features
Joan the Battalioner Volodymyr Bilyk
Champion of My Heart Michael Tager
When One Hundred Million Million Poems Just Isn't Enough Chris Joseph
us patrick moser
Crone Print 1 Kate R Morris
Telemaque Sandrine Deumier
YADDP EP Nathanael L Jones
A Sonnet from 555 John D Lowther
Process Mundane Felicity M Fenton
Kandy LK9 Sandrine Deumier

Infinity's Kitchen № 7

The seventh issue of Infinity’s Kitchen contains visual poetry, constrained writing, essays, mail art, and more: all from 18 international contributors: Abinadi Meza, Bruno Neiva, Christopher Shipman, Danni Wilson, Francesco Aprile, Gregory Gathman, Gunnar Jaeck, JL Bogenschneider, Joachim Frank, Justin Sirois, Kevin Halleran, Kevin Logan, Michael R. Griffiths, Osvaldo Cibils, Patrick Warner, Rehan Qayoom, Susana H. Case, Timothy Juhl, and Tom Konyves.

Online Features
Star Spangz Miatta Kawinzi
The Unspoken Words Luigia Cardarelli
Confound Acts Katina Bitsicas
Amiri Baraka A to Z Andrew Demirjian
The Seven Wonders Alan Bigelow
Arlington Michael Woody
from the “Mannequin Camera” series Caity Fares
8 Bit Balloons with Contact Mics and Drums Sex Detectives Duh!
Bouquets bruno neiva
ElectroCaustic Trio + Visual_Projects ElectroCaustic Trio
Impossibilism in Motion Robert Herdlein
Metaphysique D’ Ephemera: A Play of Memory and Despair Inspired by Joseph Cornell Christopher Shipman
Bess Joshua Zerangue
Variation on Zero (Song #5) WIlson Butterworth
Friday Nights Fish Baked Potato Liat Berdugo
Jun as Zen Chre Vo More from Lo Volodymyr Bilyk
Inside I Catherine Siller
Webcam video from June 5, 2013 10:38 AM Osvaldo Cibils
It’s Like That Alana Knapp
Yogart Nanette Avery
Ancient Baby Holly Simonsen
Glass Houses Kalliope Amorphous
Spine Sonnet Jody Zellen
Ghost Station Abinadi Meza


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