Infinity's Kitchen

Infinity's Kitchen № 6

Here are the works featured in the sixth print edition of Infinity’s Kitchen:

“My Adidas (Run D.M.C)” by Joe Hale
“Countdown Series: Ten Homophonic Countdowns from Ten” by Chuck Rybak
“Dusk” by Neil Ellman
“Examination” by Mark Kowgier
“Horsey Horsey Po Po by Alfred Lord Tennyson” by Gary Leising
“M”ulti-voice Poetry” by Ashby McGowan
“públicos dois_1” by Barbara Mesquita
“públicos dois_2” by Barbara Mesquita
“públicos dois_3” by Barbara Mesquita
“Dialogic” by Scot Ehrhardt
“Shadow” by Joel Chace
“So We Decided to Make the Biggest Cornish Pasty Ever” by Gary Leising
“Fusion Sonnets” by Sudesh Sinha
“Symbolic Prepared Piano” by Volodymyr Bilyk
“The Wordsquare” by Gary Heidt
“Night Index” by Mantra Hand

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