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Infinity's Kitchen № 5

Weighing in at more than 100 pages, this is the largest edition of Infinity’s Kitchen ever. It includes constrained writing, antonymic poetry, a hypertext cento poem, visual poetry, algorithmically generated poetry, socially generated poetry, literary criticism, prose in russian doll form and even an apocalyptic press release, all from 15 international contributors.

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Table of Contents

the blood of this body by Steven Alvarez
This visual poem of epic proportions features a blending of languages: English, Spanish and Aztecan languages. One of the many themes in this work is the genocide committed by Europeans against the natives of South America. Steven Alvarez is a Ph.D. candidate studying English at the Graduate Center, City University of New York.

Nobody Has Liked This Comment Yet by Peter Mattei
For each section of this poem one word was chosen e.g. "I," "She," "Nobody." The Google Scribe web application was used to appoint each succeeding word, according to statistical likelihood. Peter Mattei is a writer and filmmaker whose work lurches between the experimental and the commercial.

The Breath of Incorruptibility by Radio Free Clear Light
This prose piece began from an ancient Gnostic text, with was edited, passed on to another person, edited again, passed on again, etc. until it reached its present form. Radio Free Clear Light is a collective of multidisciplinary artists who value process more than product.

Inside Doris' Drawers by Gordon J. Collins
Written in the “Russian Doll format,” what you can read plainly is chapter one. To read chapter two, take the first letter of each word to form the text of chapter two, and so on… Gordon Collins has been a market risk analyst, a maths lecturer and a computer graphics researcher specialising in virtual humans.

ANNO DOMINO by Joel Allegretti
This apocalyptic press release is comprised of a fixed number of words, but its length is arbitrary and could have been doubled, tripled, quadrupled or reduced to eight words. Joel Allegretti is the author of three poetry collections, prose poems and poetic essays about musical instruments.

from Remarks on Color / Sound by Stephen Ratcliffe
An excerpt from “Remarks on Color / Sound,” a long series of short poems, a 1,000 page book, written over the course of 1,000 consecutive days. Formerly the director of the Creative Writing program at Mills College, Stephen Ratcliffe continues to teach Creative Writing courses there.

from the series "7" by Bruno S. Neiva
Glyphs that are examples of asemic writing. The word asemic means “having no specific semantic content”; it is abstract. Bruno S. Neiva is a Portuguese writer, poet and artist.

A poem intended to be read aloud, which is not always intended, outside the realm of slam poetry. Tim M. Paggi is a poet, playwright, performer, and a member of Baltimore Annex Theater.

The Penultimate Going by Esther Greenleaf Murer
An Antonymic Translation, an idea inspired by the Oulipo. Antonymic Translation is a form that alludes to a previous work. Each word in the previous work is replaced with an antonym, to create a new poem, the antonym of its predecessor. Esther Greenleaf Murer lives in Philadelphia. At 75, she is about to publish her first poetry collection.

The Rockisms by Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
An extended poem comprised of some of the author's lines, as well as lines written by anonymous visitors to the author's website. The form is derived from the popular, “Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?” catchphrase. Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland and is a member of the Wham City Art Collective.

Mixed Functional by Tray Drumhann
Incorporates elements of sacred geometry, Bauhaus design, flowcharts, letter placement and abstract poetry. Tray Drumhann is a photographer, mixed media artist and visual poet.

The Tapeworm Foundry andor a Long Line of Ideas by Mark Boccard
A critical response to “The Tapeworm Foundry: And or the Dangerous Prevalence of Imagination” by Darren Wershler-Henry. Mark Boccard is a writer/musician living in Brooklyn.

Breathless Inspiration and Aspiration by John J. Trause
Concentrates on the non-verbal, breathed parts of a poem by Victorian era poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, by exposing only the punctuation of her poem. John J. Trause was nominated for the Pushcart Prize (2009, 2010) and is the Director of Oradell Public Library.

Confessions of a Mixed Race Notecard by Francis Raven
An entirely visual narrative that personifies two differently colored note cards (one white, one black). Francis Raven has written volumes of poetry. His critical work can be found in The Electronic Book Review, among others.

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